The Vestibule
sleep with art



sleep with art

The Vestibule is a place to get intimate with art. You can sleep in our Air BnB beside local art.

The gallery supports exhibitions by emerging artists who show work, commission-free; earned income from short-term rental offsets the cost of framing and developing installations.

We are particularly interested in supporting work, such as installation and site-specific pieces, that should be seen but that may or may not sell. 

Read about our project in the Seattle Times! 

vision and mission


The Vestibule’s mission is to become a micro-cultural center.

The Vestibule brings public art to a primarily residential neighborhood in North Seattle which has few dedicated art galleries but a community with potential to invest in art.

Visiting artists stay free of charge while installing work, and the public can visit our storefront, participate in pop-up shows and family-friend events, or stay the night in the gallery


Private life doesn’t have to be the end of life. Public life can be the aim of life. That’s what we’re about. Directing our life toward a public life centered around the culture we want to live in.

In other words,

We dream of a culture in which everyone opens the vestibule of their private home to public life. Art lives in vestibule, the passage between the private and public life.  

We show the work we want to see every day and allow this to be art that is not merely “over-the-couch” – art supported by cycles of capitalism and consumerism – but rather art that is nurtured outside those boundaries.

Vestibule at Versaille

Vestibule at Versaille